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Step into a world of colour.....

reflections of a Scottish Island


most recent work

Immersed in oil painting just now!

Working with gorgeous oils on canvas, texturing with wax and sand, little bits of fabric and gels. 
This work is exciting me so much and I love the way it's developing, allowing me to blend the colours, still keeping the intensity that I love with the silks, but enabling a new depth to my work.




Oil on Canvas.

There are many standing stones on the island and even more stories to go with them. I spend much time around the stones, and sometimes, they almost sing.

Textured oil on canvas.                             30cm x 60cm, box framed.                                                


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Oil on canvas

Large textured oil on canvas.

On a day of walking after the heavy rain, I headed up to Glenashdale Falls.  The force of the water thundering down with the sunlight dancing over it inspired this painting.

80cm x 100cm




depths of the water

oil and mixed media on canvas

Looking across to Arran for some is magical. On certain days, the water has so many depths that I often wonder if the land under the sea is there.

50cm x 50cm. Box framed.



Oil and mixed media on canvas. 

Sunrises on the Island have been spectacular! They contain an entire pallet of colours and no matter how many times I gaze at them, the awe does not diminish.

30cm x 60cm box framed.



Living and working on Arran

Scottish Contemporary Artist

Heather has worked from her studio in Whiting Bay for over 20 years. Strongly influenced by the beauty of the local landscape and seasonal changes, her paintings reflect the light and colour of Arran.


Her paintings are instantly recognizable from the intensity of the colours achieved by layers of dye with mixed media on a silk canvas.

Over lockdown, she re-kindled her passion for oil and acrylic paintings incorporating textures with wax, sand, and sometimes fabric or netting.  Most are locally themed, reflecting island life and Arran scenery.

Tuition and workshops are offerred for small groups and individuals.



Original Work

Silk, Oil & Mixed Media

Original work is available from:

Arran Studio

Saltwater Gallery, Cladach

Marchmont Gallery, Edinburgh

The Douglas Hotel, Brodick

Prints are available from:

Arran Studio 

Shop Link is available at top of page

Lagg Distillery,  Lagg

The Douglas Hotel, Brodick

Pierhead Tavern

Should you wish to purchase or make an enquiry, 

please do not hesitate to contact me and 

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am happy to take commissions. 


Step inside my studio

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